One Universal Mobile Phone Charger To Rule Europe By 2017?

kinkoo-mobile-phone-chargerIt’s a fact that a universal mobile phone charger will be available in Europe after a vote in the European Parliament.

Recently, the European Parliament in Strasbourg voted in favor of draft a law to make all mobile phones use the same type of charger by 2017. The law is being put in place to remove the problem of incompatible chargers and reduce the wastage when incompatible chargers are thrown out when a user gets a new phone.

“This serves the interests both of consumers and the environment. It will put an end to charger clutter and 51,000 tonnes of electronic waste annually,” said MEP Barbara Weiler.

According the draft law, the universal charger is a micro-USB connector. In most cases, this rule won’t affect a lot of manufacturers operating in Europe, including Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices. The bad news is that Apple is one notable device maker that plays by its own charging rules, and will now have to change, within Europe at least.

0631_fathers_day_gifts_768x432_con_mainBut on the other hand, many portable charger manufactories will benefit from this. As one leading mobile phone charger brand, Kinkoo will not have to equip different charging ports to Andoird and Apple phones, and its Infinite One 8000mAh portable backup battery charger will be more applicable with smartphone, tablet, music player, sport camera and other devices.