How To Pack For A Wonderful Trip In Minutes


Maybe you like an impromptu getaway after busy Friday. Don’t hurry. Let’s learn to pack quickly and efficiently, so you can get out the door and on the plane or in the car faster and calmer. Guy or girl, here’s how to simplify packing and avoid the panic: Follow these five tips and you’ll be able to pack for a wonderful trip in twenty minutes or less.


Choose the appropriate luggage. If you’re heading overseas, you’ll want more than a tiny daypack. For versatility, select a medium-sized luggage. At 65 liters, it’s just the right size lightweight and durable; you can hoist it on your shoulder for a backpack, or convert by pulling up the handle for a grab-and-go roller bag. It’s small enough for an airplane carry-on, but big enough to hold enough outfits, shoes and toiletries for several days away.


Keep Regulation

Size Bottles On Hand — avoid scrambling last minute to find miniature toiletries at the drugstore. Instead, use airline-approved 3 ounce travel bottles.  Not only it is more eco-friendly to refill, but you can fill them with your favorite shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Combine with other essentials like a toothbrush, toothpaste and razor—and leave them under your bathroom sink. When it’s time to pack in a rush, grab the already-prepared bag and toss it into your suitcase.



Invest in a Mobile Power


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Bring clothes is do a Double Duty for women, a well-cut dark colored dress can always transition from work to a night out, such as dramatic earrings or a statement belt change the look. Guys should invest in a pair of trendy, comfortable sneakers that can work just as well in the hotel gym as they do for a walking tour or pub hopping.



Know When to Roll ‘Em Some stuff, like tees, workout gears, boxers and socks can be rolled and organized inside packing cubes. Suits and sweaters, however, should be folded and put in a bag to keep them from bunching, wrinkling or getting stretched out of shape.