Why People Have Become Less Interested In Smart Watches

Kinkoo-Smartwatch-1Google is launching their Android Wear while Apple’s iWatch is coming soon. Would the smart watch become mainstream? Actuallym, no. The conclusion from search engine FindTheBest is that people do not care about the smart watch.

Compared to smart watches, FindTheBest found that people search fitness tracker 3 times more than smart watch and search smartphones even 40 times more. Even Bluetooth headset is more popular than the Smart Watch. Why? Here are several reasons come from FindTheBest’s reaeach.

They look bulky

Although the new batch of smart watches are thinner than their predecessors, they are still more than 10mm thickness, and it takes pretty unique tastes to think they look good, sleek, or desirable on a wrist. At best, the new generation of watches don’t actively get in the way of your current clothing and don’t weigh your arm down, but they are very noticeable. Chances are, if you’ve encountered one of your friends wearing a watch like this, or anyone, you remember it. That’s not good when 60 to 73 percent of people only want a smartwatch if it blends in.

They are expensive

When buy watches, people usually choose two: extremely cheap and ridiculously expensive, and rarely consider the middle of something. Smart watch manufacturers want to create a new space for the price in the $ 100 to $ 250. But the problem is that what rich consumers need is Swiss handmade watch, rather than social networking and electronic screens, ordinary consumers are reluctant to spend more money on a watch. If their list price is a little lower between 50-99 dollars, perhaps they will be more popular.

You have to charge them, often                

Battery life matters. We put up with getting only a single day of battery life from our smartphones, but do we really want to charge our watches every night, too? The current leader smartwatch has about a week of juice per charge, which means you’ll probably need a charge every day after a few months, but different with smartphone, there is no special external battery charger for your smartwatch. This needs to improve.

They lack their own reason for existence

Sure, it sounds convenient to take a call or snap a photo from your wrist, but it’s not practical when you get in the trenches and try to do it. As for notifications and texts, surely these actions are more watch friendly, right? Well, maybe, but they certainly haven’t figured them out. The Samsung Gear doesn’t show you entire notifications much of the time and Sony’s watch can’t even turn on to show you anything unless you press its power button.

Actually, they don’t do anything your phone can’t do better by itself. So what’s the real main advantage of smartwatch? It’s difficult to give a clear answer now.