Pray for the backup battery on the highest peak

When the spy, just like James Bond, to carry out a dangerous and hard task, as we know, usually, there is a safe house to offer him in emergency.

At the top of the Matterhorn in Switzerland, one of the highest peaks in the Swiss Alps, stands a tiny cabin called the Solvay Hut. It’s the highest hut owned by the Swiss Alpine Club, which is the largest mountaineering club in Switzerland. Those huts are meant to be used by climbers for shelter, but the Solvay Hut can only be used in emergencies. That’s because it would take a near-emergency just to reach the hut.

It’s amazing how this hut perched on the side of a giant mountain even came to be.


It was built in 1915. All of the materials were brought up the mountainside with the help of animals.


It took only five days to erect the hut precariously on the mountainside.


In 1966, the hut was rebuilt and then in 1976 an emergency phone was installed for hikers.


The hut is named after Belgium Ernest Solvay (1838-1922). He donated the well-known hut on the Hörnli Ridge.


He was an avid adventurer and climber and realized that how sudden storms could lead to deadly situations on those ridges.


Now the hut is available to explorers who need to stop and rest.


And in case of emergencies, climbers can call rescue crews from there.


Getting there, however, is still a tricky endeavor.


Basically, if you climb high enough in the Alps, you deserve to rest at the tiny Solvay Hut. In fact, adventurers probably deserve a week-long massage at that point, but the small room of safety with a gorgeous view will have to do.

Climbing all the way up the Matterhorn may be a daunting feat, but that view is seriously worth the adventure.

I’m sure that the adventurer and climber certainly hope there is a backup battery  on the highest peaks.. To keep touch with family, friends and outside world anytime, let they know everything is OK after leaving the hut .

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