Purchase Backup Battery? How to Avoid 6 Mistakes

At present, we use electronic devices on day-to-day basis, such as our iPhone5C, iPad mini and other smart mobile devices. The big problem with these so powerful devices we are using is that it consumes a lot of energy, and they could drain their own batteries in such a short time.

The popular solution for solve this problem is purchasing a backup battery for iphone 5 and other smart devices. Let me tell you how to avoid these mistakes when you choosing a reliable backup battery.


Cheap & Big

Not all backup battery that you knew have a good quality, some of theme using refurbish battery just to makes their product cheaper and gain more profits. Pick a good backup battery that have warranty or a brand that already known as a good product. Maybe it’s become more expensive but it’s worth to keep your gadget save.

Only By Capacity

The main reason we buy backup battery because it’s easy to bring everywhere. It became nuisance when to heavy or bulky. Buy backup battery that suitable with your daily purpose.

Ignore Quality

Some people choose their backup battery because the brand that already in market or cheap price and does not care about battery cell that used. Battery cell will determine how long your backup battery will survive.

Using Unoriginal Connector

The most important thing is often ignored by backup battery users. Many backup batteries that have many connectors, but not all the connectors have good quality, the worst thing that can be happened is short circuit. Using gadet original connector is more safe because the output can be more stable.

Without Consider The Features

Some user think that backup battery is only device for power recharge then though is not necessary to have some additional features. A good backup battery have features that can keep your device safe.

Short Circuit Protection

Keep your device safe when short circuit problem is occur.

Over charging protection.

protect your gadget when it’s charge to long. this feature will automatically cut the power when battery is full.

Temperature protection.

A feature that can detect overheat on device when battery charging.

Doesn’t Have Real Output

The output of many backup batteries in the market doesn’t match with the batteries should be, and the real output is often lower. And It takes more time for charging your mobile devices, the charging process is slower than it should be.

Of course, without energy, these smart and expensive devices are useless. No need to waste time & energy for backup battery selecting.  So, the Infinite One of Kinkoo can serve this purpose perfectly. Real 8000mAh, 0.4 inches thin, no longer bulky, it’s slim and portable. The most important thing is one for all USB electronic devices. The high efficient output makes it the best match partner and the reliable backup battery for iphone 5,iphone 4, ipad and other smart devices. It could energize your devices backup to life and prolong the usage of your devices for hours.