How to Purely Use Smartphone to Run Our Business

We’re as keen to help out businesses, and smartphone makes us believe that we can literally do anything, as there are so many apps that can turn it into almost any tool that we need. Here are five core uses when it comes to basic business operations.


kinkoo-business-backup-battery-chargerThe main purpose of our phone is this: communication. Businesses require communication in many different forms: phone calls, video conferencing, text messaging, emailing… And our smartphone is already designed to incorporate all of these, so we can just use our phones to connect with clients and corporate allies, anytime, anywhere.


marketingMarketing is yet another requirement for a business. Can we do it from phone? Absolutely. We have access to software like the Facebook Pages app, a sea of Twitter apps, and if you’re a Google+ user, there’s a little something for that, too. On all fronts of social media marketing, we can go the easy route and update our followers as much as possible.


calendarProfessional meetings, product releases, client appointments – all of these have to be handled on a near constant basis when running a business. Fortunately, with our smartphones, we can do this right from the palms of our hands. As long as we have powerful enough backup battery charger, iPhone’s calendar is a pretty solid wizzard to offer the option to take notes about the meeting, a location, participants and even reminders.


moneyMany banks nowadays even allow their users to scan checks using their phone’s camera and upload them using the bank’s specific app. Likewise, smartphone users can use Square or PayPal Here to swipe credit cards to collect payments, or they can even use the PayPal app to collect funds without any physical transaction taking place.


filesI’d say one strong element of business is that of proper bookkeeping. Fortunately, many apps offer this capability. In fact, we’ve covered finance management on the iPhone, another iOS finance app called ExpenseMagic and Expensify for tracking expenses on the go.