Robot Bride: No Longer Heartache

So many people were hurt by love, no matter men and women. Because nobody could control the other half or emotion. But maybe it’s not difficult nowadays……

At least the bride was definitely going to show up. A Japanese man stood before a congregation to marry the woman he loved, Nene Anegasaki. In doing so, he became the first man to marry a computer game character – Nene is one of three robot girlfriends in the Nintendo DS game Love Plus.


The marriage might not be recognised by the state, but to the groom, who goes by his on-screen name Sal9000, the relationship is very real. In the months leading up to the wedding the couple went everywhere together, they chatted intimately, held hands and fell in love. After the wedding, he took Nene on honeymoon, then home to meet his parents.


Science and technology are advanced enough to substitute a real romance. So just how likely are we to fall in love with a robot?


Dan O’Hara at Birmingham City University, UK, believes that the sex industry will drive some of the biggest developments in artificial intelligence. The manufacturers of some robotic sex dolls even claim that their devices have a heartbeat and circulatory system that warms the doll, as well as a personality and moods, which change during the day.


Imagine that one day everything can control, like emotion, feeling, happy, hope, dream and so on,I don’t think it’s funny, human being will lose pretty much treasure, that’s horrible.

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