Why Samsung Still Sticks With Plastic Body For Its New Galaxy S5

Kinkoo-portable-power-pack-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S-5When all of its rivals, such as the new HTC One M8, are shifting to higher quality materials for their smartphones, Samsung is still sticking with plastic for its new unveiled Galaxy S5, Which dispels rumors that it would have aluminum body around six months ago.


The one reason given by Y.H. Lee, the executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business, is less expensive and easier to do plastic than other materials. Besides, Samsung has argued that the plastic back cover, which feels light, is more durable than those of other smartphones because it’s bendable and can better absorb physical impact.

For some fans, this is not a bad thing, especially when the removable plastic back has been one of the Galaxy line’s important selling points and one of the biggest reasons to buy a Galaxy instead of an iPhone. Because it gives users access to the battery, so they can replace it when it stops holding its charge like it used to.

According to the testing, many laptops see a large dip in battery life after less than two years of use. The same holds true for smartphones with removable batteries. If anything goes wrong with your smartphone’s battery, you can pick a new S4 battery for around $11or so, but iPhone for $79.

portable power pack for SamsungYes, the S5’s upgrades, like iPhone 5S’, may not seem terribly exciting. It packs a 2,800mAh battery (2,600mAh in S4) that is still not large enough to working a day. Samsung claims it can deliver 11 hours of video playback or 10 hours of web browsing over LTE, but you still need one Kinkoo Infinite One portable power pack for Galaxy S5 when you are camping, on a long flight, even or on a day trip to mountain, which offers you one week power with 8000mAh in a ultra-slim, lightweight and hand-friendly body.