Save Our Time, Save Our Battery Life

Yes, sometimes we often hear about: “oh, my phone is dead” or “I charge it all night but I still dare not playing games hard” or “why my phone isn’t lasting as long as old Nokia”.

Being on a smartphone is like bringing a mini computer everywhere you go. Today,  phones give us the capabilities to call, text, surf the Internet, FaceTime, take a ‘selfie’, get directions, listen to music- the list of things we can do on our phones can go on forever.

So we always worry about our phone dying in the middle of a conversation? But apart from making better use of our time and being more productive in our daily tasks, we can also get help from portable backup battery charger like Kinkoo Infinite One 8000mAh or Infinite Nova 10500mAh.

The infographic below will help you to see which phones better suit your needs, but don’t expect their battery is going to last you for the entire day.