Scientists Created New Battery That Charges to 70% In 2 Minutes

Kinkoo-iPhone-power-bank-1Today, battery life is everyone’s problem, but in the meantime, scientists are becoming more and more creative so that battery developments are appearing thick and fast. The latest is a battery that will live for 2 years and when charging can get to 70 percent capacity with just 2 minutes plugged in.

Nowadays our mobile’s lithium-ion battery right now probably has a life of about 500 charges which equates to about two or three years. But the new fast charging battery, created by scientists at NanyangTechnologyUniversity, will have a lifetime 10 times longer than current batteries. This has 10,000.

The new battery replaces the graphite in the anode of a lithium-ion battery with a gel and there are also titanium dioxide nanotubes. The result is super-fast charging and far less degradation over charges as well as using a material that’s abundant and commonly used already as a food additive.

The technology is currently being licenced by an unnamed company for production. While we’d love to see this in our phones or iPhone power bank soon, the lead professor Chen hopes it more helpful for those buying an electric car.