Some Simple Tips to Maintain Your Mobile Phone

Kinkoo-iPhone-power-bank-01Almost everybody have a mobile phone, and it is really important to ensure us a long and productive life, including keeping in touch with family members, conducting business, having access to a telephone in the event of an emergency, and so on.

Many people like to buy iPhone power bank so that they can charge their iPhone everywhere. But if you know small tips to maintain your mobile phone, you would save your time.

Battery Maintenance: Very simple, not too filling, do not over-discharge, the original power of the original charge. Phone alert enough power (or feel enough the next day with), they begin to charge, no need to use off before charging, so easily lead to battery discharge and damage the battery life. The battery is full, they should lose power, even the first three times, no need to over 6 hours; charging too long will affect the service life.

Screen Savers: Be sure to buy a good bit of static film to protect your screen from scratches, do not be cheap to buy a few dollars adhesive foil. Adhesive film is not so much to protect the screen, but rather that hurt bigger, not lazy random tape to protect that layer film.

Speed Tips: With a long time or run software more, smart phones will slow. There are so kind of argument, say C disk space on the phone the better, best software are installed on the E drive. In fact, the real “memory” of phone is the D drive (RAM disk, instant access to disk), affecting the speed of the main CPU and the D drive capacity.

Besides, when formatting the memory card, it is better to format it from your phone than from computer. Because the phone will format and replace the system files and folders it needs but if you format it from computer then it will delete all the files and folders.