Smart Phone, Smart Travel

Kinkoo-buy-external-power-bankWe love all the technology that makes travel easier than ever. And smartphone is likely the most effective tool for securing the treatment we deserve on the road.

Essentially, a smartphone helps us make the most of our travel time. For example, some blockbuster sights have allowed us to buy tickets and had them sent to our phone; we can also check weather, hours and get directions to places we want to visit, and confirm other details that help us plan our itinerary; today’s smartphone is even a multipurpose tool for making an actual voice call, sending text messaging, surfing on line, finding a flight, and capturing our every vacation experience through videos and digital photographs.

So, to make sure you’re maximizing your smart hone whenever you travel, here we listed down the top 10 tips you can follow:

1. Buy external power bank that doesn’t require an outlet. Even if you can’t be wired to a power outlet, you can still charge your smartphone or tablet battery with an accessory such as the Kinkoo Infinite One 8000mAh Portable External Battery.

54isp7320092rm2. Load up on travel apps. There’s nothing like a great travel app to help you get around your destination, find local restaurant reviews and more. Try Google Maps, AroundMe and Yelp.

3. Buy a travel pass before you leave. TELUS travel passes provide a savings of 50 to 90 per cent off regular pay-per-use rates, including US, Mexico, Caribbean and so on.

4. Track your roaming data usage. Travel Tracker is a convenient web portal accessible via the smartphone’s web browser to help TELUS customers manage their data usage and costs in real-time while travelling.

5. Tap into WiFi. Most hotels offer free WiFi and it’s a great way to save on data roaming costs.

6. Learn your device settings. Learn how to turn your phone on Airplane Mode, turn on GPS and manage your apps-even when you’re not using them they are still running in the background and using data.

7. Consider unlocking your device. You can unlock your device and use it on foreign networks while travelling by purchasing a local SIM card.

8. Set a password. In case your phone is lost or stolen, setting a password will prevent others from accessing personal or confidential information on your phone.

9. Protect your phone with a warranty. Replacing a damaged, lost or stolen smartphone can be costly and inconvenient. Save yourself valuable time and money by protecting your investment with a device protection plan.

10. Bring cool accessories. Try an OtterBox case to protect your phone from water and sand at the beach, or Beats speakers to listen to your favourite tunes in your hotel room.