Why Are Our Smartphone Batteries So Bad?

Kinkoo-iPhone-backup-battery-01Whether Apple, Samsung, HTC or LG, Motorola, Google, touch-screen smartphones are all becoming thinner, lighter, faster and more capable. They promise us: web access, photos, music and maps, everywhere we go. But poor battery life means we’ll probably soon run into problems, and often struggle to make it through an entire day. Battery technology doesn’t seem to be advancing as fast as other cell phone parts. What gives?

Battery Technology Isn’t Improving Much

We’re all used to technology improving dramatically. Every year, CPUs, memory, displays and other components become better, faster, and cheaper to manufacture. However, battery technology just isn’t improving at the same pace, even the most optimistic predictions leave us with only small improvements for the next few years.

Batteries Are Becoming Thinner and Smaller

Modern smartphones are becoming thinner and lighter. Rather than capitalize on improvements by offering more battery life at the same form factor, smartphone manufacturers choose to make the batteries even thinner so they can shrink the size of their smartphones. Especially as more and more phones ship without user-serviceable batteries, most of us craving longer battery life can buy iPhone backup battery like the popular Kinkoo Infinite Nova portable charger.

Push Notifications and Background Sync

Modern smartphones are basically just computers. Your phone’s screen may be off, but the phone itself may be on and busy, such as receiving notifications of new emails and social network updates, checking podcasts and app updates, downloading new episodes and new weather forecasts, automatically updating your location, or anything else like that. And these apps run in the background while draining battery power.

Larger Screens, Faster CPUs, More Cores, and LTE Radios

We’re shoving much more powerful hardware into our phones. Every year, displays get larger and higher-resolution, CPUs get faster, and cores and LTE radios are added to more phones. Aside from this, there’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC. They may not be on all the time, but they drain our battery life when they are.