Smartphone Batteries: Why They Will Still Stinks For Years


Yes, our many smartphones are great in pretty much every aspect, thinner, lighter, faster and more capable, in the five years since Apple released its first iPhone, but except battery life.

Almost all of us have experienced the worry of seeing its battery slowly dying. We need to keep Bluetooth turned off when it’s not in use, and avoid long stretches of data use over 4G. High-end games and streaming video are guaranteed to melt away battery life, and if we’re spending a few hours in a dead zone, we’re better off powering down instead of wasting precious juice searching for a signal.

Because battery capacity hasn’t improved much over the years, the batteries themselves have gotten bigger, limiting how thin and light phones can be. Meanwhile, technologies like 1080p screens and wireless screen mirroring have been hamstrung by batteries that can’t keep up. Bad battery life can be an Achilles’ heel for otherwise solid phones; by the time we realize our phones’ batteries stink, it might be too late to send them back to the store.

The good news is that there’s plenty of interest within the tech industry to make smartphone battery life better, and there’s no shortage of emerging technologies to make it happen. The bad news is that any significant improvements to battery chemistry are at least a couple years away.

Virtually every smartphone today relies on lithium-ion batteries, but the problem lies in that today’s batteries have pretty much reached their storage limit. Many solutions, such as use silicon replace graphite in lithium-ion batteries, but no quick fixes. Three years may seem like a long time to wait for a battery bailout, but that’s the reality for many companies that are pursuing new chemistry.


While it might be a little bit discouraging, take comfort in the fact that backup external batteries have managed to provide us ways to get by just fine. With the likes of cell phones, tablets, or really anything we might need to charge on the go, there are things like Kinkoo Infinite One portable power bank for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Gopro as well as tablets, to solve battery’s problem. For around the same cost of what one replacement cell phone battery would cost us, we can get the on the go power bank that holds the capacity to recharge most phones at least Four times around.

While we might still have a long wait in store before technology progresses to a level where people are actually fully satisfied with their smartphone battery’s life, we’ve got all the ways we need to keep our device powered here at Kinkoo.


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