A Smartphone Guide To Best Travel Photo

kinkoo-high-capacity-portable-chargerWith the higher definition cameras and more varied editing applications, smartphone makes our vacation and the best sceneries easier to be captured in a photograph. Today, we’ve compiled some guidelines from travel photographers that will help you capture better snapshots whenever you go.

1. Find the right location

Whether for vacation or casual shot, the initial step in capturing photographs is to locate the right place to take the snap. It must have all the natural elements such as a good background, perfect natural and artificial light, and more. For example the “Golden Hour”, if you want a ray of light to appear on your subject, you may opt the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunse.

In an Insider’s Guide article published by Verizon Wireless, the tips they offered about taking photographs during fall season also suggested that it’s important to know your surroundings. For example, shoot your vacation photos near a lake, areas with lots of fallen leaves, a wooden bridge, or any unique spot you can find in the area.

2. Get an add-on lens

Despite your phone sporting a whopping pixel structure, it won’t hurt to resort to external lenses to produce clearer and more vibrant photos.

Fisheye, macro, wide angle, and telephoto, the four types of clip-on lenses are very useful. When shooting mountain scenery, using a macro lens would be ideal, as it can take close up shots of every small detail including the trees and windmills without making it pixilated. Meanwhile, wide angle lenses are perfect for landscapes. Fisheye would be perfect for outdoor parties or any instant shot, while a telephoto lens takes care of distant shooting.

3. Composition is still the King

A good portrait relies mainly on your ability to compose and decide which ones you’ll include in the frame. Good composition skills will allow you to snap a better view. Here are a few composition tips:

– Rule of thirds:

Imagine the frame of the photo with a grid overtop and focus on placing the subject at the intersection of the grid. Doing this creates a visually appealing photo, more interesting than simply centering the subject.

– Backlighting:

You can choose areas with complimentary colors to create an appealing contrast to retain the right proportion. Instagramers.com creator Philippe Gonzales notes that there must be a strong light behind the main subject to draw a perfect silhouette, which dramatically creates a story.

4. Get a Tripod Keep your smartphone steady

Blurriness is almost impossible to edit out of photos, no matter what app you use. You can steady your phone with two hands like a camera, or bring a stand or tripod for your phone. It’s perfect when you’re traveling alone, as it has the ability to follow your every move like a mini camera crew.

5. Use editing apps

After you’ve captured your shot, editing apps can be used to take photos to the next level. Apps like Camera+, VSCO Cam and Afterlight have features that can edit exposure, contrast, saturation, white balance and hue, among other elements.kinkoo-high-capacity-portable-charger-2

6. Take a high capacity portable charger

Modern smartphone is not powerful enough to support all your need. Wouldn’t it be an absolute nightmare to have your batteries die in the middle of an important shoot? To ensure that something like that doesn’t happen when you are out, take a high capacity portable charger. With the Kinkoo Infinite One, you can easily get 4.5 charges for your iPhone, no matter where you are.