Smartphone Or Vacation, Which Makes You Happier

Kinkoo-smartphone-vacationWhat’s the best way to relax and feel happy?

Spending a lot of time waiting, lining up for days in order to get the latest iPhone 6 at the first time, is supposed to make us happy. But the researchers from CornellUniversity found that experiences tend to make people happier than material possessions. In other words, money spent on doing makes us happier than money spent on having

They looked at anticipation in real life by randomly contacting 2,266 adults about future purchases. About 19 percent of the time they were considering a purchase; those thinking about splurging on an experience felt better than those thinking about a tangible item.

And this research is a reminder how experiences connect us to others and help make us who we are, the researchers say, one aspect of that has to do with the nature of imagination.

For example, you’ll feel happier planning for a vacation, like a trip to the beach, than thinking about buying the latest gadget. You often get really creative while planning out a future vacation, and just thinking about all the things you’ll be doing and all fun you’ll be having can boost your mood.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t travel with smartphone, instead, smartpone can makes your travel more convenient and happier, with a portable power bank as a prerequisite.