Software & Battery: Two New Smartphone Battlegrounds In The Future


Smartphones are unquestionably one of the most useful devices of the 21st century. We play games, check out Facebook or news apps, navigate, download, read and reply to emails and all manner of other things in addition to make calls and send messages. We’ll do these things on the train, at work, while we’re in the bath tub and even in bed. However, they still have critical flaws, despite each brand continues to release their new devices to cater for every kind of consumer.



One way for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors is by adding functionality into their mobile devices. This is done by adding more software that preform specific tasks such as Samsung S4’s feature that keeps the screen from going to sleep as long as you face the device or Samsung’s gestures to silence an incoming call or flip through photos without touching the phone.

These unique gestures and other features caused much excitement however here lies the problem – the barrier to copy software is very low. As long as the device has the hardware, new software features are able to be rolled out to the users to rival the competition.

The future winner will be those phone companies that adopt a flexible software model that have the consumer lifestyle in mind. Already we are seeing this where Samsung has various “keep you fit” and “train with a pro” apps on their new device.

Battery Life:


You could have the best phone but it will fail miserably compared to its rival if it has a dead battery. With the trend moving towards having non-removable batteries, people are forced to carry a backup battery charger pack “just in case”. That’s why Kinkoo Infinite One 8000mAh USB power bank so successful and so popular for travelers and businessmen.

Our mobile devices are hungrier than ever and every bit and byte of data means drawing on the battery power. It’s hard to fit larger batteries into our mobile phones and still allow them to retain their small and sleek form factor.

This is a battle that needs new type of battery with better management of how power is consumed on the device.

The company that manages to provide a regular smartphone device, with no compromise of the form factor or features with a 5 day battery will have the ultimate draw card.