Still Expect A Battery Could Supply Your Phone For A Week? Too Optimistic


We all get used to the pleasure brought by browsing the net, playing games, watching videos and updating our status from everywhere and anywhere. The world is being run by gadgets but the gadgets themselves are run by batteries. We’ve got enough of the emptiness and despondency from dead smartphone.

But if you are still waiting for the day when our smartphone battery will last a week on a single charge, it will probably never come, says Qualcomm.

“It’s too optimistic”, Laurent Fournier, Qualcomm’s Senior Director for Business Development said in an MWC 2014 interview. He revealed that the technology isn’t heading towards a smartphone battery that can last days, but rather one that can be charged quickly.

“The batteries in the old GSM phones that could effectively last an entire week are not something current technology can deliver to smartphones. This is because the number of applications and demands a user has of their smartphone does not allow for that kind of performance from the battery”, explained Fournier.

He also added, “today’s smartphone battery is generally expected to last a day, there are many manufactories being investing more in speeding up the charge, rather than effectively extending the lifetime of the battery beyond the classic one day.”

So when it comes to actually charging your phone, such small gadgets like Kinkoo Infinite One 8000mAh USB power bank are still an essential part, as we always advised.

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