The Story Behind Portable Charger You Never Known


1. Product concept formation stage (2001 – 2003)

Portable charger is essentially a charger, and it first appeared in Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show in 2001, a student took a control circuit with a few AA batteries together, and this event represents the portable external battery charger officially born.

2. The formation stage of the concept of market (2004-2006)

Victories put a large amount of money to launch the engine compartment named portable charger, and this event marked the untimely the early throes and started their own prototype portable charger by only product concept into the market concept stage.

3. The slow market development stage (2006-2009)

The representative event was that some capable of manufacturing enterprises entered the field of portable charger production, which means that portable charger has finally established its market image as a new product, thereby going into the track of normal development, seeing the growth rate of the steady expansion of market capacity.

4. Market growth phase (2009 – 2012)

During this period, the domestic market environment changed greatly and the e-commerce raised, second, the rise of smart phones marks the event gradually established the brand advantage.

A landmark event from slow growth to the rapid growth was in 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone, stylish product design, powerful software features, which quickly subverted the smart phone market and in just a few years, it grew into global shipments of the first smart phone brand. IPhone with power consumption and the built-in lithium battery cannot be replaced and it can only be used up to 4 hours of continuous use. Thus, iPhone players started to become the largest customers of portable charger.

It can be seen from the history of the development of the mobile power, its development is subject to their own factors (mainly batteries technology) and market factors (mainly the smart phone market) two aspects, if these two factors can be combined in a certain equilibrium point on the growth of the power supply, the mobile can still be expected.

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