Taking Care of Your iPad Battery


Anyone that owns an iPad can testify how it has become an integral part of their everyday life: storing music, watching movies, arranging business meetings, and using it to connect to the rest of the world. But to be honest, you must dislike it when its battery died halfway through the day. A battery that doesn’t hold its charge can be very frustrating. So, we assemble a few tips to help get the most out of your iPad’s battery:

1. Adjust screen brightness and wireless radio settings for maximum battery life. If you don’t need the screen at max brightness, turn it down–this can significantly reduce battery drain. Likewise, if you don’t need the LTE data service or Bluetooth in flight, turn these services off.

2. Use your iPad regularly. iPad runs on Li-polymer battery which mean you can use it hard and don’t be afraid to recharge it often. In fact, if you don’t regularly use your iPad, you should perform a complete charge cycle (fully discharge the battery, then charge it up to 100%) at least once a month.

3. Keep your iPad updated to the latest version of iOS. In addition to the many new features Apple adds when they update their operating system, they often include fixes and performance enhancements for the battery.

4. Take a mobile power bank for your iPad. In the market, there are many mobile power banks with large capacity. The Infinite Nova 10500mAh portable charger, for example, is powerful enough to give almost one full charge for your iPad. Plus it is very easy to store in your pocket or backpack.

Besides, in mind that heat can permanently reduce battery life, especially if you use your iPad at temperatures higher than 95 degrees. So the best advice is to never leave your iPad in the sun or other hot places. Sure, cold conditions (below 32 degrees) can also affect battery performance, but this is a temporary issue, once it warms up the battery should give you normal life.