Tech Gifts for this Valentine's Day

The gifts of valentine’s Day like a examination for men in every Feb 14th.

Here are several no surprisingly options for gentlemen who has to give presents to girlfriends or wives,win the women‘s heart and pass this exam.

Flower, candle dinner,chocolate,jewelry or cake??There are so boring and uncreative


Here are some recommendations about romantic and tech gifts.

1.USB Tulip Hub

Instead of flowers this year, you could try this tulip USB hub! It features four USB high-speed ports, in the form of a colorful bunch of red flowers. Compatible with most USB plugs, for both Mac and Windows systems, at least this gift won’t die after a few days.


2.Beating Heart Pillow

This anti-stress heart cushion vibrates with a special rhythmic heart beat to calm your nerves, and features a unique heart beat each time it is turned on. The Beating Heart comes in two sizes and is powered by a 9V battery. 01742

3.Power Button Jewellery

This collection of his and hers jewellery features authentic recycled Macintosh power buttons. Each piece is hand made with sterling silver backings, and the series includes power cuff-links, loop earrings, .925 silver power bracelets and power charms.


4.Aroma USB

Aroma USB is a “scent drive” that diffuses a fragrance when in use. These USB flash drives are available in over 100 styles to reflect your personality . Available on demand from Scent Drive.


5.Mobile Power

No longer bulky, it’s slim and portable.Reliable capacity, especially compatible with Apple & Android devices.When you want to express your love and care,make sure your darling never miss the important call,keep your phone always powered.Kinkoo Infinite one is the mobile power for galaxy s4,s3,iphone,ipad,and other mobile USD devices.