Top Reasons Why You Need A Portable Phone Charger For School

kinkoo-portable-phone-chargerMobile devices are great for teaching 21st century skills. Let’s face it, besides of keys, wallet, backpack, the most important items students carry to class are their cell phones, and of course, the item that requires the most maintenance is also the cellphone.

Imagine that it is a student’s first day of college. They spent a large amount of their cellphone battery using a GPS to get to school, pull up their class schedule and room number. Being lost on campus is no fun so they use the GPS to locate the correct building. During class, the student will constantly be using their phone and tablet to take notes. At this point, all of the devices are running low on battery, whether it’s an Apple iPhone, Samsung, or Nokia, battery life does not last forever.

So a charge is needed and here’s a solution.

With the addition of Kinkoo Infinite One 8000mAh portable phone charger, students will no longer have to worry about their devices running out of battery when they need them most. The beauty of portable phone charger is that everyone can use it no matter what type of device they have and no matter where they are. Whether they are studying at a library, at a dining hall, student center, or just on campus, a cell phone external battery charger is slim enough to fit in their pockets, backpacks and can give the cell phone 2-3 charges at all of those locations.