Travel Tips & Best Portable Charger

Kinkoo-best-portable-chargerTravelling with a smartphone can make everything easier. Loaded with apps, those handy mobile programs that can act as guidebook, map, dictionary, laptop, and travel agent—sometimes all in one. They’re lifesavers.

But if you want to get the very most out of your trip, then you should have the right tips and the best portable charger along with you.

To start, make sure that you never run out of charge no matter what you do by packing the best portable charger you can find.

Next, you should follow these tips to ensure that you enjoy your device while avoiding problems at the same time.

Lock your screen

Surprisingly, this is one of the most important things that you can do to keep your data safe. By locking your screen, you will do a lot to keep the majority of people from being able to see what you have on your phone, or to use the device, if it is ever lost or stolen. You’ll be able to take advantage of password or fingerprint tech to help you to keep your data out of the hands of the wrong person.

Buy a local SIM card

Simply purchase a SIM card to make your device a local one, avoiding expensive calling rates and data usage fees. This might not be worthwhile for a weekend trip, but if you are a frequent traveler to the same location or if you’ll be away for a while, this could be very helpful. Just make sure that your phone is unlocked by your provider or it may not work.

Be cautious of the WiFi that you use

While you may be keen to check your email, post on Facebook and check your bank balances, be wary about which WiFi you use. You never know who may be monitoring the WiFi at your hostel, hotel, or even at the nice café where you’ve decided to stop and relax for a while.

Google Translate and Maps

With Google Translate, not only can you type in a word or phrase and have it translated to or from dozens of languages, but you can also speak into it, even take a picture of a sign or menu, and it will then speak back or translate it for you.

I’m sure you’ve all used Maps, but if you don’t get a local SIM, and still want to access Maps while you walk around, you can save an area’s map to your phone on the internet, so you have access to it while you’re out.

Airplane mode to charge faster

If you have a limited amount of time to charge your phone, put it in airplane mode and it will charge a lot faster.