Watching Movie With Mobile Backup Battery,Geek's Favor

It’s a great time to be a tech geek with a love for the cinema. Not only is film technology evolving at a breakneck pace, the subject matter for films is also targeting tech audiences in a more nuanced, fulfilling way.


The gaze in which technology enthusiasts are portrayed in film has changed too. The archetype of the “hacker” or “computer enthusiast” is still here, but in the best films, that archetype has evolved.

Here are 5 of the best movies is geek’s favor.

1. The Social Network

When it was first announced that a “Facebook movie” was going into production, the world scoffed. When The Social Network was released this fall, we stopped laughing.

Perhaps more than any other film to date, The Social Network effectively captures the experience of hacking code. The film is about much more than just the website Facebook, but by the same token, it still manages to effectively bring the online experience to the big screen in a way that accurately portrays the reality of the experience — something past films like The Net and Hackers just never achieved.

2. Iron Man/Iron Man 2

Historically, some of the best comic book films are also great tech films. Think about it; the gadgetry of Batman, the mutated abilities of Spider-Man or the X-Men and the extraterrestrial powers of Superman are all really well suited for the silver screen.

That said, one of the most impressive comic book films in recent years was Iron Man. It and its sequel Iron Man 2 manage to appeal to the die-hard comic book/tech geek, while still resonating with mainstream audiences.

3. Inception

Christopher Nolan is a geek’s geek. From Memento to The Dark Knight to Inception, he manages to create films that are intelligent, thought-provoking and not quite what you would expect.

Still, the visuals, the music and the overlying subject matter — which the nature of the film necessitates we not spell out — makes this one of the best science fiction thrillers to come out in years.

4. Avatar

Using a 3D camera system pioneered by director James Cameron, Avatar manages to toe the line between animation and live action in a way like never before. The story is secondary — Avatar is all about the journey. The visuals of the film, especially in 3D, go beyond what we can express in words.

Avatar, like Star Wars before it, has set the tone for how technology will be used in film going forward.


WALL-E, the story of a lonely, forgotten robot who loves Hello, Dolly! and manages to find love — and life — is one of Pixar’s best films.

Almost completely free from dialogue for the first third of the film, it’s incredibly impressive visually. Its story, which some criticized as being a morality play, is thought-provoking, especially in the context of how technology can make things easier, but also make living less of an experience.


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