When The World Is At An End, How To Charge Your Smartphone

Whether you’re camping, on a long flight, or even on a day trip to the park, you will find that, there is nothing more annoying than looking at your iPhone is to dead, especially when your Infinite One, the best external power pack for iPhone 5 which contains one week power (real 8000mAh) in only 162g weight body, is not in your pocket or bag.  The dead batteries can lead you to depression and withdrawal symptoms.

But don’t fear. Now, you’ll still be able to use your smartphone, thanks to these ingenuous and bizarre gadgets, which will charge your smartphone even when the world is at an end!

The Fire-Side Charger

Kinkoo-best-external-power-pack-for-iPhone-5Is there one gadget charges your phone while heating your soup? Yes, the BioLite’s camp stove, a nifty outdoor contraption uses the heat from a campfire to generate electricity by way of a thermoelectric generator, which then powers a fan to create airflow for improved combustion. Surplus electricity is sent to the USB port for use in charging electronic devices. Basically, plug in your phone, sit around burning wood and toasting marshmallows for a while and, after around two hours, your empty smartphone will be back to life.

The Wind Turbine

ifan2Designed by “3D interior and exterior designer” Tjeerd Veenhoven and made using a modified computer fan, the iFan’s wind turbine approach to charging allows users to harness the “green” power of the wind to energise their smartphones. The charging process takes around six hours in total — but enthusiastic callers can speed it up by attaching their iFan to a bicycle to cycle with way to fuller batteries.

The Sun

solio_bolt_1__50972.1374814101.1280.1280Well, who could dislike a gadget whose slogan tells us to just “Plug Into the Sun” – which is why we can be thankful for the Solio BOLT Solar Charger. With its on-board battery and rotating solar panels, it can charge USB-powered gadgets ranging from smartphone and MP3 player, to e-reader and cameras. On average, a smartphone will take around three hours to go from zero to full.

The Hand-Crank

screen_shot_2013-10-15_at_12.26.51If you find yourself in a tough spot, imagine that Eton’s BoostTurbine 2000, a hand-cranked emergency device that can only come from a person who charges their iPhone through sheer brawn. You will get around 30 seconds of talk time per minute of cranking the device, with the potential to crank all the way to a full charge. At 2000mAh, you won’t be able to effectively charge laptops or tablets, but phones and MP3 players should all work effectively.

A Piece Of Fruit

k-bigpic_0What could be more appropriate than charging an iPhone with an actual apple? Essentially what you’re building here is a circuit — like the ones you used to put together in science classes – using a regulation vegetable battery, created by sticking strips of zinc and copper into your fruit or root vegetable of choice. The electricity comes from the oxidation of zinc, with the organic matter serving as a conductive barrier, and the copper completing the circuit. One fruit/vegetable will generate around half a volt of electricity.

It might be a cool experiment, but it’s by far the least efficient phone charging method on this list (which is presumably why it hasn’t been commercialized).