World Release of KINKOO in the 114th Canton Fair


KINKOO enters world advertising market with its first premium portable charger.

At the 114th Canton Fair, the third largest trade fair in the world, the product named Infinite One is introduced to 24,517 enterprises and 189,646 international buyers from 212 countries and regions across the globe. The major event lasted from October 15th to November 4th and received extensive attentions, especially from businessmen who travel a lot for job.

infinite one portable charger

The Infinite One is the new generation portable accessory which keeps moving with your always-on smart devices. At only 5.7oz (162g) and 0.43in (11mm), it is the lightest and thinnest portable charger in its class and offers a highly-specialized type of power. Not only does it contain a massive 8000 mAh capacity (enough to recharge an average smartphone 3-8 times), but it is designed to be able to retain that charge for over 15 months, if unused.

“We create the premium Infinite One in order to solve the mobile power problem and every shortcoming in other portable chargers we recognized. For now, we have just entered the market, and only offer the official website to our customers to purchase, but we have already received a lot of orders. Of course, the presentation at Canton Fair was just our first step to make Infinite One be known better”, says Gavin, CEO and founder of KINKOO.

FYI: Canton Fair, where KINKOO presented its first product Infinite One,is a state level and comprehensive international trade event held for over half of a century. It brings together the best enterprises and the most famous, latest high quality products from all over China, and visited by about 200,000 international buyers each session, which come from over 210 countries and regions. To have a stand at the Canton Fair is a strength symbol of enterprise,brand, and product and will lead you a large pool of loyal customers and a best market. That’s why Canton Fair is the first choice for international buyers.


So, what do you guys all think of this new Infinite One portable charger? Support it? Find it redundant? Let us know in the comments, and maybe we’ll take your feedback into consideration for our next Infinite battery.